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FP12 Valcourt Mundo

With its straight lines, simplistic shape and neutral color, the FP12 Mundo brings a gust of modernism into your home. It harmonizes both functionality and comfort perfectly.

Moreover, with its extra large clean face glass, the Mundo offers a view on the fire that is unmatched in the industry. This ecological fireplace is EPA certified with an emissions rate of 4.4 g/h and produces up to 75,000 BTU/h.

The heat distribution kit available with the Mundo will help you harness all the power from this incredible fireplace while keeping in mind the contemporary lines of your décor. The most serious of users will also want to install the forced air kit which will allow for better and more efficient heat transfers to a room further from the fireplace.

Product Details

Manufacturer Valcourt - SBI
Model Name FP12 Valcourt Mundo
Fuel Type Wood
Type Efficient Wood Built-in
BTUs 75,000
Burn Time (Hours) Up to 9 hrs
Room Size 1,000 - 2,000 sq. ft.
Unit Dimensions 47 1/8" H X 37 3/4" W X 27 3/4" D
Glass Size (Sq. In.) 11 1/4" H x 25 1/8" W
Hopper Size Enjoy the WARMTH of wood heat!
Firebox Size (Cu. Ft.) 2.5
Log Size 21"


Non-catalytic Wood Burning Built-in Fireplace

Modern Clean Face Design with XL Glass Door

*C-Cast Baffle - withstands up to 2100 degrees also used in space shuttles 

6" Chimney Flue

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Optional Accessories
Gravity Distribution Kit - with Traditional or Modern Register

Blower - to be used with Gravity Distribution Kit.

Forced Air Heat Distribution Kit - allows you to duct heat to other areas of your home such as in the basement, rooms, ect.

Let Great American Fireplace help you design the fireplace wall of your dreams.

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