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The Heritage is the cleanest burning stove out of the Soapstone Family, thanks to their TruHybrid™ system.

Product Details

Manufacturer Hearthstone
Model Name HEARTHSTONE Heritage
Fuel Type Wood
Type N/A
BTUs 60,000
Burn Time (Hours) 25 Hours
Room Size 2,000 + sq. ft.
Unit Dimensions 28-1/8" W x 30-1/4" H x 21-1/8" D
Glass Size (Sq. In.) 185"
Hopper Size N/A
Firebox Size (Cu. Ft.) N/A
Log Size 21"
Features Out of the three Fireplaces from the Soapstone Family, The Hearthstone Heritage burns the cleanest, Having a 0.54 G/Hr emission rate! There are more details about the Heritage below:

-Ash Pan: Optional
-BTU: Up to 60,000
-Efficiency: 77% HHV
-EPA Certified: 0.54 g/hr
-Finish: Black Enamel, Brown Enamel, Matte Black, Seafoam Enamel
-Firebox Capacity: 2.2 cu ft
-Flue Exit Diameter: 6
-Flue Exit Location: Top or Rear
-HeatLife: 25 Hours of heat
-Heats up to: 2,000 sq ft
-Maximum Log Length: 21″
-Model: 8024
-Side Load Door: Left, Right
-Stove Type: Soapstone Wood Stove
-Weight: 535
Optional Accessories Accessories:
-Ash Pan
-Rear Heat Shield
-Convection Blower
-Outside Air Adapter
-Side Door Lock Kit

Finish Options:
-Matte Black
-Brown Enamel
-Seafoam Enamal
-Black Enamel


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