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Stellar Hearth proudly offers custom gas fireplaces of multiple shapes and sizes.  

The Impressions Series takes the fireplace experience to a whole new level of creative design. It is the first truly curved glass fireplace line available that is not limited to any specific size or radius of glass, or shape of the firebox.


  • Available in single-sided, see-through, corner, bay, peninsula or island and able to have the glass bow in, bow out, or bow in and out many times over, allowing the fireplace to follow whatever path the designer wants
  • Glass can follow any degree arc up to a completely round fireplace
  • Virtually any size without being constricted to mix-n-match lengths bolted together or limitations to 90 degree angles
  • Many choices of contemporary or traditional burner options available
  • Customize with LED accent lights, glass etching, mirrored or treated metal firebox panels, elevated burners, lazer cut metal design elements, all available to help design a one-of-a-kind fireplace
  • Winner of the "Art of Fire" and "Best In Show" Vesta awards

The Aspiration Series takes design, light, glass and fire to the level of sophistication and customization you have been dreaming about. At the very core of this custom fireplace series are standard lighted backgrounds and customized burners powered by LED lights that can be programmed to an infinite amount of colors and sequences.


  • Lighted back panel that can be the back of a single-sided or see-through fireplace, or the lighted front of an indoor/outdoor see-through fireplace
  • Fire on or fire off; lighted glass on or lighted glass off, the effect is different from any angle you are looking at it
  • No limits on maximum height or maximum width; we have unlimited sizes and shapes to choose from
  • You pick the dimensions and we'll build to your specifications
  • Several choices of customized burner options and design element options to help create a one-of-a-kind fireplace
  • Lights are all easily programmed and controlled from an app downloaded to your smart phone or iPad
  • Winner of the "Best Gas Fireplace" Vesta award at the HPBExpo in New Orleans, LA this past March

Stellar Hearth Products Custom Fireplaces are there for those unique hearth projects that the standard fireplace just can't meet the needs of. We are able to design custom fireplaces sizes from 4' - 22' wide, up to 18" - 72" tall, in single, two, three or four-sided units for indoor, outdoor or indoor/outdoor installations. Whether for residential or commercial installation, we can design with traditional or contemporary interiors.

The Stellar Hearth Custom Fireplaces stands-out from other custom fireplace manufactures in that our design engineers create fireplaces using the most innovative materials and techniques available today and love the challenge of seeing how far they can stretch the limits to get unique looks. Stellar Hearth Products won 3 "Vesta" awards during the annual competition at the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association in March 2015. The new Custom Gas Fireplace Program won in the category of  "Best Gas Hearth", and added two more with the Epiphany gas fireplace (glass tube burner) winning the "Art of Fire" and "Best In Show".

Product Details

Manufacturer Stellar Hearth Products
Model Name STELLAR Custom
Fuel Type Gas
Type N/A
Burn Time (Hours) N/A
Room Size N/A
Unit Dimensions custom shapes and sizes available
Glass Size (Sq. In.) N/A
Hopper Size N/A
Firebox Size (Cu. Ft.) N/A
Log Size N/A
Features N/A
Optional Accessories N/A

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