Meet Great American Fireplace

The team at Great American Fireplace cannot wait to get started on bringing you the perfect fireplace for your home. With over 60 years of combined construction and fireplace installation experience, Great American Fireplace can take care of any project that comes our way. As a family owned business, we take great pride in making your home a warm, comfortable place to spend time with your family and friends. Many of our products are made locally and in the United States. This means that, when you purchase a custom product from us, you’re also supporting local businesses!

Given how cold western Wisconsin winters can be, you don’t just want anyone installing your fireplace--­­ you want Great American Fireplace to be with you each step of the way.

Our History

Rob Best started in the hearth industry in 2003. Previously he had experience in construction, custom cabinetry, and design. He was invited into the hearth industry, and underwent NFI training. In the beginning he did it all. Sales, installs, full wall surrounds (wood and stone), and customer service. He put his heart into building up a respectable name for himself, and he loves giving the customer his “BEST RESULTS.” Rob is known for being able to listen to the customer’s needs and ideas to create the wow factor that they will enjoy for years to come. We have been very fortunate over the years to have expanded into a very close team of perfectionists.

In 2006, Rob’s life-long friend, Travis Beaver, came on board as an installer and a service technician. Travis has a knowledgeable background in electrical and mechanics. He has had NFI (National Fireplace Institute) training, advanced electrical classes, Manufacturer specific training and has taken excelled classes in HVAC. With over 10 service years in the field he is a wealth of knowledge. He has been called on personally by multiple manufactures we work with. His talents are believable!

In 2013, Rob was introduced to Dale Amundson. Dale had built up a 30 year business named Great American Homes and Fireplace in Menomonie, WI. After multiple meetings and really getting to know each other, Dale offered Rob the opportunity to be the new owner of Great American Fireplace. Rob and Danielle were very thankful to be able to purchase the business from Dale and Nancy in July of 2014. It was always a lifelong dream of theirs to work together, and Great American Fireplace made that possible.

Today and the Future of Great American Fireplace

Danielle Best manages the office operations, she does it efficiently and detailed. She has unbelievable customer service skills and technical knowledge of all of our products. From sales to installation, if you call with a question there is no doubt she will get out her Urkel glasses and suprise you with technical expertise.

The team continues to grow with new additions in 2016.

Kurt Roder joined in July to specialize as a deticated service technician. His mechanical service and electrical background makes him highly skilled for all types of products. 

Janet Shaw also decided to join the team, not only is she Danielle's mother she has many years experience in customer service and office work. Janet enjoys working with customers and helping them find products that best suit their needs. 

Steven Schultz is the newest team member previously from a marketing background. He has studied the hearth industry and is now helping with sales and marketing.

With Rob, Danielle, Travis, Kurt, Janet and Steven's combined experience and talent, we make a powerful team. As a team, our mission is to provide the highest quality service and installations. Our goal, is that every customer we serve enjoys the “Best Results” for years to come.

Let Great American Fireplace help you with your next project