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Black Olive

The aroma of wood smoked food wafting into the air is a sure sign that the grilling season is here. This year, be the envy of your neighborhood with your own Black Olive Pellet Grill.

Durable, tough, built to withstand even the most extreme climates and retain its good looks. Intense heat, high humidity, or below zero temperatures, it doesn’t matter! No need to replace rusted out burners, your ceramic grill will endure the harshest of cooking environments.

A legend in its own right, the Black Olive’s patented design and shape gives it the ability to quickly achieve temperatures in excess of 650oF or as low as 150oF, making it perfect for smoking, baking, roasting, grilling and even searing. Never need to worry about over cooking or scorching your food again. The expandable 19 3/8” cooking surface offers plenty of room to cook all of your favorite foods and explore new ones with your family & friends.

Beautifully designed, easy to control, delicious results, and built to last; get ready for the last BBQ you will ever own.

The Black Olive’s patented design and shape gives it the ability to reach a wide range of temperatures, making it perfect for slow roasting or searing. You will never need to worry about over cooking or scorching your food again. The 19-inch cooking surface gives you plenty of room to cook all of your favorite food.

Product Details

Manufacturer Black Olive - Ceramic Pellet Grills
Model Name Black Olive
Fuel Type Pellet
Type N/A
BTUs 2,000 / 50,000
Burn Time (Hours) 30 hr low / 2 hr high
Room Size N/A
Unit Dimensions 49" H x 49 1/2" W x 26" D
Glass Size (Sq. In.) N/A
Hopper Size 11 lb
Firebox Size (Cu. Ft.) 19 3/8″ (290 sq in)
Log Size N/A

Enameled Cast Iron

How do the steak houses get the perfect sear every time? Cast Iron! This grill comes standard on the Black Olive.

Steel Side Shelves

Our enamel coated side shelves have the largest working surface area in the category. We also include stainless steel utensil pegs to keep your tools readily available.

Wooden Handle

Made from bamboo, the handle is weather resistant, and attractive. It remains cool to the touch while grilling.

Pellet Flame Engine

Creates a constant flame, requires little or no adjustments, fuel flows continuously at a consistent rate according to temperature control.

Ceramic Shell Design

 The porcelain enameled ceramic shell is an efficient insulator. It keeps heat and moisture in for succulent results, even in extreme weather conditions.

Easy Controls

Simplified controls help you to maintain accuracy within a few degrees for consistent grilling. Switch the grill to Smoke Mode and the Black Olive will hold at 2000 BTU’s for up to 40 hrs on a full hopper.

Pellet Advantage

Economical and healthier for the environment. Pellet fuel gives your food a more natural taste in comparison to gas or charcoal. As an added benefit pellet takes the mystery out of fuel levels by giving you a visual indication on how much fuel you have left in your grill, perfect for extended smokes or slow roasts.

Optional Accessories

-Swing Out Grill

-Pizza Stone

-Bamboo Side Shelves

-Cast Iron Griddle Plate

-Chicken Cooking Rack

-BBQ Rib Rack

-Double Cooking Grill


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